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Unmatched Peer Reviewed Evidence

With Silverlon, you have access to an unmatched volume of Independent, peer-reviewed, and published clinical studies. Studies that suggest Silverlon dressings can be an important element in wound care, and control of wound bacteria within the dressing may help reduce the risk of infection. In fact, Silverlon is the is the most evidence-based advanced antimicrobial dressing available today. Review the clinical studies.

The use of silver to treat infections has a long history, dating back to the Greek and Roman Empires. Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine is attributed with describing the use of silver in wound care in 400 bc.

Through a unique silver plating process, Silverlon puts the antimicrobial power of pure silver in the dressing – more pure metallic silver than any other silver based dressing. When activated by moisture, it generates the silver ions that are effective against a wide spectrum of wound pathogens.

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Silver ions kill pathogens by at least three mechanisms. First, the ion binds to a receptor on the cell wall, preventing cellular respiration. Second, in the same manner, it prevents the cell from taking in nutrients. And third, the ion penetrates the cell wall, disrupting the DNA and preventing replication.

The antimicrobial activity remains effective for up to seven days and will never stain the wound by dumping metallic silver onto the patient.

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Review independent, peer-reviewed, and published clinical studies.

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