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Eradicate MRSA in four hours

Silverlon dressings provide a sustained release of silver ions within the dressing, capable of eradicating MRSA in four hours and Pseudomonas in less than two.*

Silverlon MRSA and Pseudomonas Kill Rate Chart

*Data on file

When activated by moisture, silver ions are released in the dressing, providing the immediate antimicrobial activity as well as a protective barrier against a broad spectrum of pathogens including MRSA and Pseudomonas. And, the antimicrobial activity remains effective for up to seven days.


Silverlon uses a unique silver plating process that employs more pure metallic silver in the dressing than any other silver-based dressing. Typically up to 100 times more than the leading impregnated dressings and 5 times more than crystalline silver dressings. 

This high concentration of pure silver provides a large reservoir of deliverable silver ions within the dressing, when activated and applied to the wound.

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Silverlon has an antimicrobial effect within two hours against MRSA with eradication in four hours.

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