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More precious than gold

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Why Silver

For centuries, silver has been used to kill pathogens. The unique action of ionic silver makes it an ideal element in an antimicrobial dressing. Silverlon uses pure silver in a way no other dressing does to provide the highest level of performance for you and your patients.

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The Silverlon Advantage

The surface of every Silverlon dressing is plated with pure silver that is in direct contact with the patient. Containing up to 100 times the silver of some silver impregnated dressings, Silverlon holds a large reservoir of silver ions for antimicrobial action. Yet Silverlon will never stain the skin. And clinical professionals can be confident that they are choosing a dressing backed by multiple clinical studies, making Silverlon the evidence-based choice.

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Evidence based

Multiple, peer reviewed published studies have been performed on the use of Silverlon Antimicrobial dressings. 

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Silverlon comes in more shapes, sizes and varieties than any other silver dressing. See all the dressings available to meet your clinical needs.



Clinical evaluation

Improving patient outcomes is our highest priority. See how Silverlon can provide cost savings and improve outcomes at the same time. 


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