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Consumer Adhesive Strips

Silverlon Adhesive Strips are a bandage that incorporates the power of Silverlon with the addition of a Silverlon wound contact layer.


Product Info

Sizes and Product Numbers:

  • 1" x 3" - AS-6003

Quantity per Box: 24






Indications for Use

The Silverlon Adhesive Strips are multi-layer, sterile, non-adherent, absorbent composite dressings with an attached adhesive tape or pad

Over-The-Counter Indications

First aid to help in minor cuts, scrapes, abrasions and bums.

Prescription Indications

Indicated for vascular access, central, arterial and venous IV sites, IM injection sites, abrasions, lacerations, partial thickness bums, wound drain sites and surgical incisions.


Silverlon Dressings should not be used on patients with 3rd degree burns or with known sensitivity to silver or nylon.

Instructions for Use

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