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March 18, 2020

Over the past few weeks, it's become clear that we are facing an unprecedented challenge. We fully understand and support the need to protect patients and hospital staff members and respect the need to restrict facility access by nonessential personnel during this period. We honor all protocols and requirements in place in order to achieve this goal.

While we may not be physically present, we continue to show our support by implementing a variety of ways to ensure uninterrupted service.

These services include:

  • Online Webinar CE Programs
  • Online Webinar In Servicing
  • Online and/or Offsite Training
  • Virtual Content for Professional Organizations
  • Patient Education Brochures and Videos
  • Videoconferencing

In addition, we are working around the clock to ensure our customers and facilities have access to our complete product portfolio without delay or interruptions.

As we face new challenges that require swift coordination to overcome, we are ready to implement these immediate changes to the way we conduct business to support you in delivering the highest level of safety and patient care.

We have a responsibility to our people, our customers, our clinicians and our patients to provide the support and service they require while keeping their health and safety concerns first.


Raul Brizuela
President & CEO

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