Silverlon Dressings are Proven to Reduce Surgical Site Infections — Proven by More Clinical Studies than Any other Silver Dressing.

What Makes Silverlon Silver Dressings Unique?

Silverlon Nylon Dressings Have a Permanently Plated Metallic Surface

Silverlon silver plated nylon technology offers many unique advantages over other silver dressings:

Silverlon Silver Dressings

  • Deliverable silver ions
  • Sustainable – every Silverlon® dressing can be used for up to 7 days
  • No increase in bioburden
  • Multiple peer reviewed studies
  • No staining
Silverlon dressings deliver a
continuous flow of
silver ions into the wound

Other “Silver” Dressings

Silver Impregnated Dressings
  • Very little silver – typically 1/50th as much
    silver as Silverlon
  • Minimal ability to deliver silver ions, especially
    if silver layer is not in patient contact
  • Typically backed by in vitro data only
Silver Nanocrystal Dressings
  • Typically 1/5th the silver of Silverlon
  • Ions are delivered by depositing nanocrystals
    into the wound
  • Staining and stinging can occur
  • Increased bioburden


Silverlon dressings contain more metallic silver than any other dressing

Within 90 minutes, Silverlon dressings deliver enough silver ions to eradicate MRSA and keep delivering for up to 7 days

With hydration, silver
ions are continually
released until the
dressing is removed.

In a University of South Florida Study, Silverlon dressings reduced pain by up to 60% (p<0.001) and reduced the cost of analgesia by 45%