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Advanced Wound Care Dressings

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Wound Pad Dressings

Silverlon Wound Pad Dressings are antimicrobial barrier wound dressings utilizing silver plated nylon technology. They can be used as a surgical dressing and for the local management of superficial wounds, minor burns, abrasions and lacerations.

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Wound Contact Dressings

Silverlon Wound Contact Dressings are ideal for the management of a wide cariety of wounds including partial thickness wounds, pressure ulcers, venous ulcers, diabetic ulcers, traumatic and surgical wounds, 1st and 2nd degre burns, and donor and graft sites. 

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Wound Packing Strips

Included in numerous Medical Tactical Combat Casualty Care Kits and supplied to Combat and Support Hospitals and Tactical Forward Surgical Teams. The Wound Packing Strips are easy to use, store, and transport.

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Digit Sleeves

The Silverlon Antimicrobial Digit Sleeve Dressing is a sterile, tubular burn and wound dressing which is applied to wounds on the digits of the hands (fingers) or feet (toes). The digit sleeve dressing can be cut into varying lengths and is useful in wounds that span over more than one finger or toe. The dressing is cost effective and easy to use making it ideal for use on multiple wounds on the fingers and toes. 

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