2018 Events

Event Date Location Company Booth
BAPIC 2018 Bay Area Professionals in Infection Control Annual Conference Jan 19 Tampa, FL Cura TBA
AORN - Puget Sound Jan 20 Seattle, WA Argentum TBA
APIC DFW Feb 1 Dallas, TX Cura TBA
JEMS Conference & Exposition Feb 21-23 Charlotte, NC Cura 529
BC3 Breast Cancer Coordinated Care Mar 1-3 Washington, DC Cura TBA
AAOS 2018 - American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons Mar 7-9 New Orleans, LA Cura 2113
ABA 2018 - American Burn Association Apr 10-12 Chicago, IL Argentum 706
ASBRS - The American Society of Breast Surgeons May 3-5 Orlando, FL Cura TBA
Heart Rhythm May 9-12 Boston, MA Cura TBA
SOMSA - Special Operations Medical Association's 2018 Scientific Assembly May 14-16 Charlotte, NC Argentum 1017
Ninth Annual Native American Healthcare Conference Jun 4-5 Anaheim, CA Argentum TBA
APIC 2018 Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology-44th Annual Conference Jun 13-14 Minneapolis, MN Cura 1815
2018 HealthTrust University (HTU) Conference & Vendor Fair Jul 23-25 Nashville, TN Cura TBA
WOW Sep 12-14 Las Vegas, NV Argentum TBA
PCOGS - Pacific Coast Obstetrical and Gynecological Society Sep 26-30 Coeur d' Alene, ID Cura TBA
MSTS - Musculoskeletal Tumor Society  Oct 10-12 New York City, NY Cura TBA
ACS 2018 American College of Surgeons Annual Clinical Congress  Oct 21-25  Boston, MA Cura TBA
EMS World Expo Oct 31-Nov 2 Nashville, TN Argentum TBA
AAHKS Nov 1-3 Dallas, TX Cura 1004
Southern Region Burn Conference  Nov 7-11 Mobile, AL Argentum TBA
APIC Colorado     Argentum TBA
SAWC 2018 - The Symposium for Advanced Wound Care     Argentum TBA
ICJR Anterior Hip Course       TBA
MHSRS Symposium     Argentum TBA
2018 Armed Forces Operational Medicine Symposium     Argentum TBA
APIC New England     Cura TBA
Baylor Heart & Vascular Symposium     Cura TBA
DAORN     Cura TBA
Midwest Region Burn Conference     Cura TBA
MCCSP/AORN/MAST Seminar & Vendor Fair     Argentum TBA
20th Annual Wound Management Conference     Cura TBA
Southeast Region of WOCN Society Annual Conference     Cura TBA
MCACS - Massachusetts Chapter of American College of Surgeons     Argentum TBA
Kansas City Heart Rhythm Symposium 2018     Cura TBA
APIC New Jersey     Agentum TBA
Baylor Enhanced Recovery After Surgery     Cura TBA
Florida Professionals in Infection Control     Cura TBA
UW Medicine EMS & Trauma Conference     Argentum TBA