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Argentum Medical Acquires Exclusive Licensing for Metallizing Fabrics for Advanced Wound Care from Noble Biomaterials

August 2, 2019

GENEVA, ILL. JULY 31, 2019

Argentum Medical, pioneers in the use of silver-plated technology and makers of Silverlon® antimicrobial dressings, now owns worldwide licensing rights to manufacture silver-plated nylon fabrics for advanced wound care applications. With the licensing rights acquisition from Noble Biomaterials Inc. in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Argentum Medical gains greater control of the supply chain significantly increasing production capabilities to handle both organic growth and demand surges.

Argentum Medical is transitioning the advanced wound care nylon fabric silver-plating operation from the Scranton, Pennsylvania, headquarters of Noble Biomaterials – a global leader in antimicrobial and conductivity solutions for soft-surface applications – to its Geneva, Illinois, office. The move will allow Argentum Medical greater flexibility in meeting product demand.

“This acquisition is a natural progression in our evolution as an organization and positions us well for continued expansion,” said Raul Brizuela, Argentum Medical CEO. “We have gotten to the point where it makes economic sense to vertically integrate our supply chain.”

Argentum Medical and Noble Biomaterials inked the deal July 12, 2019. Noble Biomaterials will continue to produce product until Argentum Medical fully assumes manufacturing operations. Argentum Medical expects to be manufacturing all silver substrates at its Geneva, Illinois, facilities by February 2021. Noble Biomaterials will continue to serve as a secondary supplier to Argentum Medical.

About Argentum Medical
Argentum Medical pioneered the use of silver-plated nylon. Specializing in the development of innovative products made from silver-plated nylon, the company continues to explore new applications and markets for its Silverlon® technology in keeping with its corporate mission to improve clinical outcomes.

About Silverlon
As an evidence-based antimicrobial dressing, Silverlon products contain 50 to 100 times more metallic silver ions than other silver-impregnated dressings. Silverlon® wound dressings have a permanently plated metallic surface, which provides the antimicrobial benefits of silver in the dressing without staining the skin and without increasing bioburden.

Originally developed for the U.S. military, Silverlon is still extensively used for the management of burn and blast injuries. Studies have shown Silverlon to be highly effective in hostile and austere military environments. In 2019, Silverlon received 510(k) clearance from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for Vapor Sulfur Mustard indication for its Silverlon Burn and Wound Care products. This is the first medical product cleared in the U.S. for use on these injuries. Silverlon dressings also are used by surgeons and other healthcare professionals around the world on surgical wounds, in negative pressure wound therapy, on chronic wounds, burns, skin grafts, and IV and catheter-related wounds.

For more information, visit http://www.silverlon.com.

About Noble Biomaterials
Noble Biomaterials, Inc., is a global leader in antimicrobial and conductivity solutions for soft-surface applications. The company produces advanced material technologies designed for mission-critical applications in the performance apparel, healthcare, industrial and emerging wearable technology markets. Its flagship brands, X-STATIC®, XT2® and CIRCUITEX™ are used by hundreds of world-class licensees to provide odor elimination, infection prevention/management, biometric monitoring and conductive protection benefits. Its headquarters and manufacturing facilities are located in Scranton, Pennsylvania, with offices in Europe, Asia and South America.

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