Instructions for Use

Silverlon® IFU documents are currently being updated and will be published shortly. 


CE Certificates

CE 538129

CE 538130


ISO Certificates

ISO 13485:2003


FDA Marketing Clearances

510(k) K984208
Silverlon Island Wound Dressing
Silverlon Island Pad

510(k) K023612
Antimicrobial Barrier Wound Contact Dressing
Antimicrobial Barrier Burn Wrap Dressing
Antimicrobial Barrier Burn Contact Dressing
Silverlon® Acute Burn Glove

510(k) K981299
Silverlon Contact Wound Dressing (1- and 4-layer)

510(k) K984210
Silverlon Wound Packing Strips

510(k) K023609
Silverlon Adhesive Strip