Argentum Medical LLC Announces Patent Reexamination Result for Silverlon® Antimicrobial Wound, Burn and Surgical Dressings

10/31/11 8:15 PM

Argentum Medical, LLC is very pleased to announce the results of the second reexamination of its US 7,230,153 C1 patent for Silverlon antimicrobial wound, burn and surgical dressings.  Not only were original Claims 1-20 confirmed as amended, but newly filed Claims 21-40 were also found patentable.

Gregg Silver, CEO of Argentum Medical, had the following comments:

“The United States Patent and Trade Office (USPTO) has, once again, closely examined our technology and found it worthy of protection.  We have spent over 10 years developing our products and we have disclosed over 200 pieces of prior art.  We now also withstood two reexaminations.

As a result, we expect to enforce our intellectual property as well as market new products and ensure the marketplace receives only genuine Silverlon products.”

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