Argentum Medical LLC Announces New Patents and New Claims Allowed Covering Silveron® Antimicrobial Wound, Burn and Surgical Dressings

1/10/12 8:14 PM

Argentum Medical, LLC is very pleased to announce the issuance of US 7,989,674, US 8,093,444, and Allowed Claims for US Applications 11/930,541.  All cover Silverlon antimicrobial wound, burn and surgical dressings.  These patents not only clarify and expand patent protection to double layer fabrics, non-woven materials such as silver calcium alginates, but also include conductive gels.

Gregg Silver, CEO of Argentum Medical, had the following comments:

“The United States Patent and Trade Office (USPTO) has, once again, recognized our technological advancements in the art and granted us new patent protections.  Over the past 10 years we have led the market in developing a comprehensive silver nylon based product portfolio to harness the Safe. Strong. Simple.®  antimicrobial powers of pure silver.

Our seminal US Patent 7,230,153 has now withstood two reexaminations, and our portfolio has grown to consist of 15 domestic patents, 35 foreign patents, 8 domestic patents pending, and 2 foreign patents pending.  In fact, we recently had another Canadian Patent Application 2,484,221 Allowed.  Our position to protect our innovations has never been stronger.

As a result, we expect to introduce both new single and multiple layer products in 2012, and to continue enforcement of our intellectual property rights.  Silverlon products  are the only silver nylon based products backed by over 10 years of extensive research and development, as well as independent peer review in vivo clinical case studies that involved thousands of patients.”

About Argentum Medical LLC

Argentum Medical LLC is the award winning industry leader in innovative silver antimicrobial technology.  No other company offers more than 60 different dressing combinations and sizes that treat the specific needs of wound, burn and post-surgical cases.  Argentum has sold more than five million dressings to more than 2,000 costumers worldwide.

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